Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oh, Happy Day!

My sister & BIL just celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary yesterday and he gave her this beautiful necklace as a gift.
And to sweeten things up a bit......they gave ME this!!!!!

A Kristen's Custom Creation necklace!

Oh yeah, oh yeah!

*Happy Feet*

Break it down!

*Go Me*
I have been wanting one of these gorgeous disc necklaces since the 1st time I saw her work over a year ago and now I have one! What's almost more exciting than owning one, is the fact that my sister & BIL truly recognized how much I mean to them. That it was I who helped them achieve 20 years of marriage. That they wouldn't be where they are today without my guidance, counseling, prayers and love.....I need a Puffs w/ lotion...I'm a little verklempt.
Visit Kristen's shop & check out her full line of custom personalized jewelry! There are MANY pieces to choose from, or get creative and design your own.

Thank you Keli & Jay for recognizing me on your wedding day.
*Sigh* Feeling the love.
Hugs & Prayers,


Amy B said...

ONLY YOU can make it all about YOU...and not me...LOL

.Keli. said...

Hold on.....throwing up....gagging....and yet again throwing up. I'll be back after I brush my teeth..maybe.

.Keli. said...

AMY! Why come you can't wanna ever comment on my blog? Huh? Why can't ever be about me??? Why? Why? Why???

Grace said...

Sheli... love your story... I love that K & J got it for you. I love Kristen's things too. Go see what I said to you on my blog... K?

Kristen Andrews said...

you are so sweet!

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