Friday, November 6, 2009

I ♥ Kindle.....and I just entered a contest through Noobie to try and win one!

I would love to win one of these! I've wanted one since I was 18 months old. Ok, so they just came out a couple of years ago, but I still have ALWAYS wanted one! Whether you are interested or not, would you click on this link & fill out the entry form PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON IT! If you do it will give ME an additional entry & it obviously will enter YOU in the contest too.

If you win and don't want the Kindle & if you didn't quite get the picture that I so delicately painted above...I DO! Ahem, so please keep me close to your heart when considering who to give it to when it arrives. If you are trying to win one for yourself, make sure you respond to the email that will be sent to you following your entry. Your link will be different than mine...this is very important to know!

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. You may now go back to your regularly scheduled program,

Have fun! Hope I oops, you win!

Hugs & Prayers,


Thursday, November 5, 2009

i'm a yankee candle gal, but something new has begun to steal my heart....

Long time, no post! Life is still running at a very busy pace for me & I find it hard to find time to blog. Thanks to my sweet friend, Amy, I have stopped to take a moment to type up this post. Amy is hosting another amazing give-away over on her blog. If you're like me, and love candles, tarts, burners & room sprays, you won't want to miss out on this one! I have to admit, I am an Yankee Candle ADDICT & it is hard for me to buy anything but Yankee! I want scents that last & are STRONG!

Several months ago Brandy Painter, a consultant for Scentsy, held a fundraiser for Amy. And ONLY because I LOVE Amy did I break down and order from her show. When my order arrived on my doorstep, I opened the door & I could actually smell the oils through the cardboard box. Needless to say, it was love at first sniff for me. Now Brandy is assisting Amy in a Give-Away as well as helping her host Scentsy Holiday Party!

Following are the rules to enter & if you so desire, order.

ORDERING for Amy's Holiday Party:
To order go to look for the name Amy Briggs on the left side bar under the title "My Open Parties". Click on her name to shop, order & give her credit toward her party.

Plug In Warmer & Brick Scent of your choice!

~To enter you must go to and post what you like about her store.

~For another entry: Go to Amy's blog & post what you like from Brandy's store.

~For another entry: Blog about this Give-Away

~For another entry: Tweet ( about this Give-Away

~Lastly, for another entry: Order something from Brandi's shop under the name AMY BRIGGS Holiday show!

Don't forget to head back to Amy's blog to let her know of all your entries!

Now promise me that not only will you do this, but if you win, you'll gift ME with the warmer & brick! By the way, my favorite scent is Cinnamon & is AMAZING!

Hugs & Prayers,

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